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There is GREAT GOLF in Palm Desert and surrounding communities!  In fact, it can be overwhelming . . . how do you sort it out and make a selection? The other challenge is COST – especially in higher demand periods.

For the valued guests of FAIRWAY VACATION RENTALS, we offer some hints and guidance.

Our best advice on COST is to be flexible and “last minute.” There are several websites that offer discounted rates for online booking. Our favorite site is   It is locally owned and has been in business for many years.  What sets it apart is the ready availability by telephone of knowledgeable experts who will guide you to a course that fits your skills and budget.  We suggest you checkout their website, then give them a call – 760-321-2665. If you are in our desert for a month or longer and you intend to golf a few times a week (or more), then there are various “punch card” or “short term membership” opportunities at several courses.  If you find a course you particularly enjoy, be sure to inquire about such opportunities.  Our front desk staff can provide some guidance on this as well. In terms of COURSE SELECTION, one of the best organized and most comprehensive lists is at

We told you it might be overwhelming!

Here is a distilled list of courses put together by a few “friends of Fairway Vacation Rentals.”  These friends are local golf nuts who have played every course in the valley.  They represent a wide range of handicaps.  This is all subjective, but it is unbiased and based on personal experience.  Each course has PUBLIC ACCESS.

Golf in Palm Springs

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Blending championship golf with a classic Palm Springs setting, a round at Escena Golf Club is as much about the surroundings as...